the Tour du Roc

Climbs to the top

25.5Km +-2230m


The Tour du Roc follow Alpine itineraries accessible to all.

Starting from Zinal(1674m)  you will join the Petit Mountet(2139m) 1st aid station  then a small downhill to cross the pont de l'Arpitettaz(1910m) and the ascent to the hut of Arpitettaz(2786m) 2nd aid station. Uphill to the  Milon mountain pass (2975m) and the last climbing to Tracuit(3259m) 3st and last aid station. Just a small downhill (-1600m) and we are back to Zinal.

A great trail for chamois...

  • Distance = 25.5Km

  • Elevation difference = 2228m

  • Highest point = 3259m (Cabane de Tracuit)

  • Starting time = 08h30

  • Cutt of time = see rules

  • Maximum time = 10h